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Ask Dr. Fele is designed to:

Dr. Isaac Felemovicius

-Give you some tools to be better prepared before any visit or referral to a health care provider.

-Give you more time to ask questions freely and to investigate if you are being offered the standard of care or not. 

-Provide you with a completely unbiased and fair advocate who will assess your situation and research the best available health provider options for you to get the care you need and deserve. 

So, when you arrive to your doctor’s office, you will feel secure, prepared and comfortable, knowing the “right” questions to ask and making the best use of your time with your provider. When you leave, you will feel satisfied that you are following the right path for your health treatment and prevention.

Ask Dr. Fele is NOT your doctor:

or health care provider, but we ARE a patient’s advocate service and great source of information that will make you better prepared to work with your chosen doctor/provider.

Our goal is that you are able to decrease the number of visits to your doctor, and to assist you in creating a better plan for the future of your health.

We aim to prevent, protect and preserve your health. As a member of the site, you will have multiple resources that will help you navigate the health care system and stay informed with useful up to date information.

As some health cases are more specific and complicated, we at Ask Dr. Fele also offer the option of a one-on-one on-line consultation. After reviewing your case, we will decide if a live virtual consultation is necessary, and how many follow up visits are necessary.

It is important to understand that this is not your “on-line doctor.” Our intent is not to replace or become your primary care provider. We do, however, want to be your advocate for Health care related education, prevention and treatment.

Let us help you be a better patient and get the most out of your health care providers. By keeping you well informed and prepared, you are well positioned to take charge of your health. Don’t let insurance companies and big Pharma dictate what you need. Be in charge of your healthcare.

Welcome to our family, please let Ask Dr. Fele be your advocate and your guide.

Not all cases and circumstances qualify for a review or discussion. Ask Dr. Fele may decline at any time the review and discussion of any case and try to refer you to a more adequate source for discussion.

Samantha, Minnesota

"Dr Fele is truly a gift. He not only saved my life with his unparalleled surgical skills, but also guided me through each stage of my complex heath condition, which involved thoroughly educating me in a way I could understand. He helped me navigate the multifaced medical care I required. He listens, takes his time, and truly makes every patient feel like he or she is the only one."

Shari, Minnesota

"I recently was diagnosed with a complex medical condition. After a consultation with Dr. Fele, he took the time to listen, explain in more simple words and advise me on where to get proper medical care. If it wasn’t for Dr. Fele I could have been lost between multiple doctors and not know what direction to take to seek proper medical attention. I thank Dr. Fele for his help, professionalism and for holding my hand during this time. I would use his services again and highly recommend them to others."

Sandra, California

"My father was recently diagnoses with a complex malignant condition, new and unknown to all of us. We were referred to multiple specialists and discovered how unpersonal and “cold” some physicians can be. Without the guidance of Dr. Fele we could have been lost and waste valuable time in the care of my Dad. He helped us understand in more simple words his condition and prepared us in advance on how to face the multiple specialists with an organized plan of questions to feel prepared before and satisfied after every visit, as well as prepare in advance for the next stage of his care. His help, guidance and explanations in simple words, helped us tremendously in going through this very difficult time. Thank you Dr. Fele."



  • As a member you will receive a newsletter quarterly of subjects of interest and controversy.

  • Access to our library of newsletters.

  • Access to our YouTube channel with interviews of interesting subjects.

  • Contact information where you can recommend a subject for the upcoming newsletters

  • The possibility to request a live one on one conversation with Dr. Fele to discuss your own case. (additional fees apply for this service)

Membership fee: $49.99/year
Two year membership $85.00
Three year membership $120.00 **

** SPECIAL OFFER  If you buy a 3-year membership you receive a 30-minute personal consultation free of charge with Dr. Fele. (Value of $180.00).

One on One Live Appointments


  • 15 minutes new  $100

  • 30 minutes new  $180

  • 60 minutes new  $280

*5-15 minutes of each consultation may be used to review your case.


  • 15 minutes established   $ 50

  • 30 minutes established  $125

  • 45 minutes established  $180

    Not all cases and circumstances qualify for a review or discussion. Ask Dr. Fele may decline at any time the review and discussion of any case and try to refer you to a more adequate source for discussion


Other Services


  • Woman's Health & Cardiac Prevention:
    Alexandra Felemovicius PAC                 30-45 minutes    $100

  • Social Worker Introduction:                  30-45 minutes    $100

  • Medical Insurance Specialist:                 30-45 minutes    $100

  • Palliative Care Nurse Introduction:  30-45 minutes    $100

  • Dietitian Introduction:                      30-45 minutes    $100

  • Preoperative Nurse:
    30-45 minutes    $100




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